Vet Clinic

Our Resort for pets has a complete Veterinary Clinic where we offer all kinds of services: General consultations, vaccinations, deworming, laboratory analysis, treatments, etc.

·    General inquiries

·    Vaccination

·    Worming

·    Treatments

·    Kennel cough vaccine

·    Microchip

·    Option of a veterinarian at home

The clinic is open to any pet that needs its services, and pets staying at the Hotel or who are spending the day with us in the Nursery service, have Veterinary Assistance 24 hours a day, we are open 365 days a year.

Permanent Offers

Dogs: rabies + heptavalent vaccine: $50

Catts offer: pentavalent vaccine + rabies: $55

Only During The Month Of August!

Dogs: test + lehismania vaccine: $80 (before $90)

Cats: test + vaccine leukemia: $70 (before $80)

For pool, hotel or nursery reservations, kennel cough vaccine: $30(before $40)