Wyn-Gold Brittany’s Champion Retrievers, breeders of Golden Retriever

Because he… He is one of the family!

​Welcome to our family breeding of Golden Retriever dogs, Wyn-Gold Brittany’s Champion Retrievers.

Since 1997 we are dedicated exclusively to the breeding of Golden Retriever puppies.

Our way of breeding is totally familiar. Our adults and puppies live at home with us and each other, without cages or kennels of any kind.

Our puppies are delivered fully socialized and controlled.

The pedigrees of our crosses are carefully studied to obtain healthy, typical Golden Retrievers of great beauty and excellent character, which allows them to be used frequently as therapy dogs.

On our website, you can and see our Golden Retriever specimens, the pedigrees, and the results of the very complete health checks carried out on parents.

The sale of Golden Retriever puppies from Wyn-Gold Brittany’s Champion Retrievers is only for puppies raised at home, with the parents of our property, whom you can see and meet and with whom you can play on your visits to our house.

During your visits you will see that we share our house with our Golden Retrievers, you can see the wonderful environment of 34 hectares of pine forests on our property, where they play, exercise, and go for a walk.